Smart Tariffs

smart opportunities for smart businesses

When you partner with GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies, we do more than unlock new, long-term revenue streams from demand balancing schemes. We work with your organisation to optimise the commercial opportunities available from smart tariffing.

Duos and triad management

Every business uses energy and therefore every business needs to explore ways of mitigating the charges relating to DUoS (Distribution Use of System) and TRIAD (peak tariff charges). GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies can help. Once our advanced Energy Connect technology platform is installed, we work with you to optimise the way you consume electricity use during peak tariff hours.

  • Automated peak tariff avoidance
  • Load shedding strategies & guidance
  • Visibility & insights on tariffs and trends

We Do All the Hard Work for You

By monitoring and plotting your energy consumption patterns, our Smart Tariffing strategies will help you to decide which plant components and assets can be shut down without excessively disturbing operating processes. All of this is achieved without causing adverse impact on your operational effectiveness.

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Brakes Group

GridBeyond’s platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for Scheme participation, and delivers us a monthly Revenue
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