Energy Optimisation


The manufacturing industry is, by its very nature, energy intensive. However, we deploy strategies to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness and can offer a range of energy-related cost efficiencies.

Our Energy Connect technology provides a platform that helps you to take control of your energy consumption. Using our knowledge of energy-intensive industrial processes coupled with our experience of OEE we can implement energy strategies across your estate. This will make a significant contribution to your bottom line.


Our Energy Connect platform gives us visibility of your energy usage patterns and provides the essential framework for an OEE strategy.

  • Real-time reporting down to the asset level, seconds by seconds
  • Insights into the efficiency of individual assets & lines
  • Benchmarking to target under performing sites with detailed reporting & analytics
  • Visibility of individual site performance 
  • Targeting problem areas
  • Analytics to support compliance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Reports & analytics to support compliance with current energy legislation (ie ESOS)

Fine-tuned energy efficiency

Our Energy Optimisation specialists know precisely how to fine tune your processes and operations to maximise your energy consumption strategies. Because we have visibility on our customers' energy data, we are able to provide intelligence and insights on every aspect of energy usage. We can identify and flag up anomalies and trends and even offer guidance on wider carbon reduction strategies. For our customers, we are a remote energy management function.

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GridBeyond has created a personalised optimisation dashboard that presents data such as energy consumption, which is great for our own energy and asset management plans.
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