Balancing Schemes

Why Join the Scheme

The all-Ireland energy market offers energy intensive companies the potential to earn extra income from their assets by adjusting power consumption in real-time. Why does it do this? The Grid has statutory responsibilities to the all-Ireland market to the safe operation of the electricity grid which should operate between 49.5 and 50.5 Hertz. As such, it encourages intensive energy users to participate in grid balancing schemes.

significant financial benefits

The financial and operational benefits for participating companies can be very significant for every megawatt (MW) of average onsite energy consumption saved or exported.

Participation makes sense

These no-risk mechanisms are good news for industry and energy intensive commercial businesses. They offer a generous, long-term additional income stream to companies that are willing to participate.

  •          No down-time
  •          Complete flexibility
  •          No risk to operations
  •          Operational constraints are always maintained
  •          You stay in control


How the Scheme Works

We connect your facility to the Balancing Schemes and deliver you a monthly revenue within 4 weeks.

  • Receive a payment to be available to meet unscheduled energy peaks on the grid
  • Turn up or down part of your consumption
  • The availability Fee €/MW/h is paid against the Metered Demand


To participate in these long-term lucrative schemes, you need a platform that fits the requirements of EirGrid & SONI. Our market-leading Energy Connect platform - which benefits from 40 man-years development - connects your assets direct to the Grid’s premium revenue schemes. We take care of the necessary hardware and software installation, as well as the online monitoring and reaction systems, and the day-to-day running of the system. All of this is offered without any capex requirement.


The latest opportunity for large energy users is DS3 System Services – a new demand side response scheme operated by the All-Ireland Market. DS3 System Services relies on complex control and fast response.

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Brakes Group

GridBeyond’s platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for Scheme participation, and delivers us a monthly Revenue
Managing Director, Brakes Group