Grid Operators need new ways to balance energy demands.
We help you to give back to the grid and earn revenue.

What We Do

While our competitors still flip the switch, our demand is connected to the National Grid via GridBeyond's Platform. Staying ahead of the field, our facility is not such a large cost anymore and delivers Revenue month after month.
Ashley McCulla, Managing Director at McCulla Refrigerated Transport


GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies acts as an intermediary between the Grid Operators and large energy users.  Using our unique technology platform, we are able to create a ‘virtual power plant’ where the energy-using assets of hundreds of companies are aggregated. This provides a grid-balancing mechanism that helps the system operators to deliver on their vision for a more sustainable, flexible power infrastructure.



We help your organisation to accrue significant financial rewards by participating in schemes run by Grid Operators. They offer companies that participate in grid balancing schemes the potential to earn extra income from assets by adjusting power consumption in real-time.