We are an approved aggregator
We enable companies to optimise financial returns on energy flexibility


As an approved National Grid and EirGrid aggregator, GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies is taking a central role in the new power-balancing arena. 

We are an essential partner throughout the supply chain. In essence, we act as an intermediary between the Grid Operators and intensive energy users who wish to maximise their revenue potential through participation in grid-balancing schemes. 

Our contribution and expertise operates at two levels: For end users, we provide all of the critical elements - technology, expertise and experience - that enable companies to participate and thereby optimise returns.  For the Grid Operators, we deliver a technical solution to the challenge of grid balancing. This helps to minimise the costs associated with achieving a truly balanced and 'smart' grid.

Top-notch service
that provides ongoing support around the clock
Frost & Sullivan

a partner for the long-term

Flexible Platform: Our Technology offers a seamless transition to the most valuable schemes.

Open System:  Our Platform is adaptable to the requirements of the Grid; our customers; and a very wide range of assets.

Complete Smart Grid Energy Optimisation Solutions: We offer a ‘one stop shop’ to maximise your company’s participation in lucrative Grid schemes.

Multi-layered benefits:  We unlock multiple layers of operational savings and benefits including smart tariffing, OEE, benchmarking and energy optimisation.

Trusted: We are a trusted partner to National Grid, EirGrid and our customers.

Proven:  We have deployed our technology to 100’s of satisfied, blue chip customers.

Ongoing Support: Our Network Operations Centre provides clients support and energy services around the clock

More than just DSR

Our platform ensures participation in Grid schemes at every level - Dynamic, Enhanced FFR, Voltage Management, Footroom, Capacity, Smart Tariffs, Day Ahead, Intraday, Imbalance Management, STOD, DuoS and TRIAD.

GridBeyond’s platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for Scheme participation, and delivers us a monthly Revenue
Managing Director, Brakes Group