Energy Connect Platform

Trusted and Proven Platform

We have successfully deployed our award-winning Energy Connect Platform at over 200 sites in the UK and Ireland. EnergyConnect platform can switch facilities from one Revenue Scheme to another, making our customers’ businesses future proof.

Our customers include many of the UK and Ireland's best-known brands and can testify to the benefits of participation.


How it works

Our technical understanding of the unique characteristics of a wide range of industry sectors, means we unlock maximum return on your assets faster than our competitors.


Our clients help the decarbonisation of the nation while adding a new revenue to their bottom line. The platform prevents any disruption to operations.

The unique versatility of the platform allows customers to:

  • Participate in multiple revenue streams and change your operation schedule at will.
  • No costs or charges for switching between revenue streams.
  • Access your protected energy data from anywhere on any device and analyse control and optimise your facility in real-time.

Platform Benefits  

How does it works

Our technical understanding of the unique characteristics of a wide range of industry sectors means we unlock maximum return on your assets faster than our competitors.

How does it work graphic

automating all energy opportunities in real time

  • Our Unique Technology Platform goes beyond Revenue Schemes, Smart Tariffs, Benchmarking and Efficiency
  • Our technology platform is designed to deliver a seamless transition between new schemes as they come on line ensuring our customers have access to the most valuable scheme.

Energy Connect Unique Platform



Revenue Schemes

Revenue Schemes

  • Clients participate in multiple revenue schemes and program with the same platform.
  • EnergyConnect allows rollout of new schemes and live software updates.
  • Frequency Response Schemes: Static and dynamic FFR, FCDM.
  • EnergyConnect platform automates facility’s response to the National Grid signal to turn down its energy consumption when the grid is under pressure. The platform also accounts for the revenue streams generated by turning down energy consumption for the scheme.
  • Demand Side Response Schemes: STOR, Capacity. Automated prediction and participation.


Smart Tariffs

Smart Tariffs

  • EnergyConnect platform automatically adapts energy usage based on STOD real-time and day-ahead pricing rates.
  • DUoS, STOD and Triads peak price avoidance
  • Lowest prices
  • Cost functions




  • EnergyConnect platform measures and monitors the flow and the usage of power via two-way communications with onsite smart devices.
  • EnergyConnect can then analyse the data in real-time, select and automate the best energy strategies to reduce energy costs and comply with efficiency schemes.
  • Overall equipment effectiveness is achieved with EnergyConnect platform by increasing the production without increasing investment and labour, or achieving the same production with less time and resources.




  • EnergyConnect portal graphically presents energy usage and costs overview by linking multiple data streams.
  • The portal and revenue reports deliver a snapshot of the automated energy strategies deployed by EnergyConnect with a clear interface.