Our unique technology platform adjusts power consumption in real-time to balance the Grid.
Future Proofed


Our unique and award-winning Energy Connect technology platform connects energy intensive assets and automatically adjusts power consumption in real-time to balance the Grid. We achieve this without risk or impact on customer operations.

Capitalise on your assets

·         No down-time

·         Complete flexibility

·         No risk to operations

·         Operational constraints are maintained

·         You stay in control


The power-balancing arena does not stand still for very long. Thanks to our highly advanced Energy Connect platform, we are able to deliver a seamless transition between new revenue schemes as they come on line. Whatever the future holds, we are committed to ensuring that our customers always have access to the most valuable schemes.

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No Impact on Client's Productivity

With GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies as your partner, you can be sure that participation in grid balancing schemes will not cause any negative impact on your operations, processes or productivity.  

We work with you to establish your parameters for response by defining operational constraints and priorities. We make sure you are ready and able to turn down your energy use when the Grid requires it, and check that the response works correctly. You can simply relax and concentrate on day-to-day business.

GridBeyond’s platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for scheme participation, and delivers us a monthly revenue
Managing Director, Brakes Group

Seemless Transition Between Schemes

Demand Side Response schemes will inevitability change over time. This means your company must be technology-ready to access more financially attractive tariffs as and when they come on line. With GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies as your aggregator partner, you can be sure that our award-winning Energy Connect platform offers seamless transition and maximum returns, whatever the future holds.