We've changed our name to...

We are GridBeyond, formerly endeco technologies.  

Why the evolution? Because the energy landscape is changing, as is our business.


changing times

The next industrial revolution is on the horizon and as energy converges with technology, the energy landscape becomes more complex, and the need for agile evolution is prevalent.

The energy sector has never been a more interesting or exciting place. The marketplace is maturing, National Grid and EirGrid are restructuring their systems and products, balancing services are becoming more dynamic in nature and new technologies are continually being introduced to improve both power and business resilience whilst bolstering green credentials.

As the market continues to become more complex, and renewable energy is increasingly prioritised, expertise across each of the core areas (asset understanding, engineering, technology and market) is crucial to simplification - and simplification is crucial to making market participation accessible. In working towards dynamic and collaborative consumption, we are building an economic model based on sharing, trading and renting energy. We are reinventing not just what we consume, but how we consume - a shared energy economy.


Trusted By Industry

Recognised by clients and partners as trusted advisors, we are proud to understand and anticipate the market to ensure the most educated decisions are made around trading commoditised client energy demand to generate the best returns.

Our expertise is more than just marketplace-wide, the business has an innate understanding of engineering, technical capabilities of assets and how they work within the energy market. Combine this with the investment in research and development in a high-end technology platform and the consultative approach to engaging clients, and you have a future-proof aggregator that truly stands out.

Endeco Technologies started out by connecting early adopters to the first few schemes available in what was a relatively unknown market. We then took on the mission of educating and simplifying Demand-Side Response to a wider I&C audience, and lately we have been working alongside knowledgeable peers in developing and stacking new opportunities.

This transition has fundamentally changed the relationship between Endeco and its clients. What was once seen as a risky decision has now become a sensible business choice for industrial and commercial companies, and in order to participate in any form of National Grid, energy saving or Virtual Power Plant programme as part of their energy strategy, clients want to work with experts. Having built the company’s portfolio by developing relationships industry by industry, we know our clients, their goals and their pain points well. It's this that sets us beyond our competition's abilities.


Agility and evolution

The company is proud of the agility it has maintained for itself and its clients through an ever evolving market. The increasingly technical progression of grid requirements, and the fluctuating value of commoditised energy means it has been key to have a holistic approach to assets, the market, technology development and engineering.

It is from this that we can build a distributed electricity network of connected businesses, transforming how the world produces, consumes, and finances energy and becomes more energy resilient. GridBeyond™ embodies the collaborative, simplified and agile way the business harmoniously works alongside and brings together energy intensive businesses, grid operators, suppliers, energy storage providers and partners to deliver benefits to all.


Business Growth

It’s not just the growth and transition of UK and Irish markets that have driven the name evolution. The business has fundamentally transformed over the last few years, growing from start-up to scale-up. Since April 2016, the team has more than doubled in size, the business has received significant investment and has forged key partnerships to ensure an incomparable hub of expertise that keeps up with and anticipates the market, whilst providing the best service and peace of mind to clients. Not to mention the numerous accolades, awards, registrations and certifications the business has received, including the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence, Achilles UVDB, Crown Commercial Services, Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

As part of the continuing growth, having provided smart grid services in two of the most complex markets in the world (UK and Ireland), the business has also laid plans to expand into other global markets. It will be imperative to ensure the brand translates well across a number of markets and languages. This brand evolution is part of our mission to provide energy security and reduce the cost of energy through a leading-edge machine-learning platform for the global energy sector.


gridbeyond goes further

  • Gridbeyond™ deliver technology beyond the present, always progressing towards the next breakthrough in energy innovation.
  • Our team performs beyond our customer expectations. The onboarding process includes engineer led audits to ensure peace of mind, and account management to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. 
  • We look beyond the traditional energy distribution model - developing a shared energy economy to enable the smart cities of tomorrow. 
  • Our expertise goes beyond installation and participation - our foundations are built on a team of highly qualified engineers, research and development undertaken by accomplished energy management and tech professionals, and market insights from some of the industry's most authoritative specialists.
  • We’re ready to encompass and shape the energy landscape of the future - and beyond.
  • We go beyond participation - we simplify the complex energy market to create understanding and accessibility. 
  • We look beyond the grid, beyond each asset, beyond each site, beyond energy infrastructures, beyond the markets, to take a holistic view of all combined.


For more information on the evolution of our brand, contact our friendly team on 01923 431 638 or email service@endeco-technologies.com