Environmental Policy

Embracing Sustainability

At GridBeyond, formerly Endeco Technologies, we actively embrace sustainability and encourage environmental best practice across our operations.

Over-arching commitment

Our Virtual Power Plant enables customers to join together to balance the electricity grid – and reap significant financial rewards in return. This contributes to a more sustainable energy system.


We constantly monitor legislative changes and initiatives to ensure early compliance with government environmental directives.

Energy Use

Wherever possible, we use low-energy lighting and high-efficiency heating and ventilation systems in our offices and buildings.

We actively encourage our staff to fully turn off electrical equipment when not in use.


We encourage our staff to minimise carbon emissions as a result of travel by making business trips only where absolutely necessary.

Recycling, reuse and resources

We encourage good recycling practices at our offices by providing recycling systems.

We also limit the quantity of paper used for internal and external communications, opting instead for electronic communications via the internet.

When producing brochures and other documents, we use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper.

ISO 9001

We are working towards to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which stipulates requirements for the implementation of quality management processes across all areas of the business.

Suppliers, partners & supply chain

We stipulate that third-party suppliers and contractors adhere to the same environmental standards as we do.