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We are delighted to present our library of GridBeyond academy resources...

We believe that education leads to better business decisions, which is why we have developed an academy of resources, including CPD accredited courses, for those interested in demand side response and the energy market as a whole. Our resources ensure you have all the information you need to successfully partake in demand side response schemes, make significant savings and improve your green credentials. Stay tuned, as we regularly add more.


What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

By accrediting our webinars and courses with CPD, we ensure that attendees receive:

  • Content of a high educational standard.
  • A course with the focus on education, not promotion.
  • Key takeaways that can be directly implemented into the attendees business.
  • The right content for their job role, understanding of the energy market and industry.


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CPD Accredited webinars

So far, we have developed the following courses, with plenty more on the way for all levels and roles, from beginner all the way through to highly technical, so you can be sure there will be a webinar suited to you. Register for live webinars, or request the content of some of our past webinars.

Course Name




How to capitalise on your food industry energy assets from demand side response

Food & Drink, UK


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How to capitalise on your chemical industry energy assets from demand side response

Chemicals, UK


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How to benefit from new revenue streams with demand side response

Aggregates, minerals & cement, UK


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How to use your energy consumption to generate income, optimise savings and improve green credentials

Flour milling, UK


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DS3 & I-SEM: Are you ready?

All Industries, Ireland

Beginner/Introductory with some intermediate sections

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Is there a better way to participate in demand side response?

Energy managers, UK


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An introduction to CCS accredited demand side response

Public sector, UK


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Taking place 29th March at 2:30pm
Demand side response & energy optimisation for the chemicals industry

Chemical industry, UK

Beginner/introductory with some intermediate

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Please note that access to the webinars will be granted on a case by case basis. Those requesting access will not receive files, but will have the opportunity to see the webinar presented again to a smaller audience, or gain limited access to a recorded version.


Interested in attending a live webinar?

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GridBeyond academy guides

So far, we have developed the downloadable resources, with plenty more on the way for all levels and roles.



The GridBeyond, formerly Endeco Technologies Guide to the Capacity Market

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Working with industry federations

As proud members of a number of industry federations, we keep up to date on the issues that matter to our clients. The knowledge we gain from speaking with members, attending events and taking part in seminars has enabled us to develop webinars and resources for those working in these industries.

Our webinars and resources help professionals to understand energy consumption, new technologies, the changing energy landscape, assets for demand side response participation, energy cost saving opportunities, revenue opportunities, innovative ways of reaching sustainability goals, and lots more. Resources are useful for a number of roles, from energy managers to operations and finance professionals, MDs to engineers, and those simply interested in giving their business the upper hand.


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